"What I thought was a tragedy, was actually God blessing me, God loving on me. At the time, I just wasn't smart enough to see just how amazing He is" - Walker James

How do you know God loves you? Just because some people say He does, does that really prove that He does? Well, what if tragedy strikes your life? Does He still love you then? What if lightning strikes twice? What if when this tragedy strikes He ignores your pleas for answers? Then what if He ignores your demands for answers? Does He still love you?

The answer to these questions are a resounding YES, God still loves you, and I am living proof that this is true! When I realized I had mis-judged God, who He was, and what He wanted. I passionately started to pursue a process of getting to know the true God of the Bible. The Perspectives Series is the culmination of years of wrestling with the questions to find out for myself, who God is and what He wants.

Anyone who has been tested by God in this fashion can tell you, this is not an easy test to endure let alone pass. The Perspectives book series takes you through the journey of getting to know God. Not who I say He is, or for that matter who someone else says He is as that would be irrelevant, but rather, who He Himself says He is. My initial journey down this road didn’t start off so well. When lightning struck twice in my life and God refused to answer my questions, I did the only thing I knew to do. If God wasn’t going to talk to me, then I wasn’t going to talk to Him either. So there! Or so I thought.

My 12-year temper tantrum at God accomplished one thing, it showed me just how much God loved me. I finally saw just how much God was protecting me. Just how precious and valuable I was to God. My problem was, even though I had been a Christian for almost eight years when tragedy struck, I didn’t have the slightest clue as to who God was let alone, what He wanted. Bottom line, I did not know God. Which started a burning question inside of me. “If I am struggling so hard to know God and who He is, there have got to be others suffering from the same problem.” Why is it so hard to get to know God and what He wants in the first place? I’m sure He would have more followers if He made getting to know Him a little easier! Right?

Actually, it is easy and it is simple. Join me on this journey of getting to know God and what He wants. You will be surprised at how simple and easy it is. This will be a journey of setting aside, rules, regulations and rituals and focus on getting to know God. Then, once we know who He is we can begin the work of investing in our relationship with Him and then living out our relationship with Him. With simple explanations and common-sense answers I will encourage you to want exactly what God wants. Set aside what you “think” you know about God and join me in discovering who He says He is and what He says He’s like. You will be so very glad you did!

Doubt God exists? Come learn that He doesn't need your permission to exist. Don't know Him, come and learn how you can get to know Him. Are you like I was, mad at Him? Come and see He is not mad at you, instead, He is especially fond of You and wants to reconcile with you, He wants to be friends with you. Do you kind of sort-of know God? Come and get to know Him better, more personally. Are you already head-over-heels in love with Him? Good, this will be fun for you, confirming what you already know and hopefully helping you discover a few new things along the way.
The first book in the Perspectives Series, What Does God Want? is the start of a journey of getting to know God, who He is, what He wants and why? Come, get your copy today and join God and I on this journey!
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With love in Christ!
Walker James

My Boys 

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Joshua, born January 29, 1983

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Matthew, born July 17, 1984