Walker being silly with his sons, Joshua & Matthew

Walker being silly with his sons, Joshua & Matthew

Walker James is a Christian author who enjoys writing, speaking, teaching, and encouraging others to fall in love with a mighty God.

A Christian since the age of 15, Walker was challenged by God in a unique way to answer for himself the question “What does God want?” when God gave him not one but two boys with special needs. 

The fact that God allowed such a challenge to one of His beloved children caught Walker off-guard. When God would not answer his questions, “Why me?” and “Why this?” and then refused his demands for answers, Walker responded by saying, “well, if you are not going to talk to me, then I am not going to talk to you, so there!” This of course triggered a 12-year temper tantrum that accomplished very little.

At rock bottom and no strength left to fight with God, Walker surrendered again and finally realized, God was not picking on him, God was loving Him, blessing Him. That is when Walker became obsessed with learning as much as He could about this God that He had mis-judged, this God that would love Him this passionately, to this depth, this completely.

The more of God Walker consumed, the more passionate he became about sharing Him with others. That is how this “Perspectives” Series came into being. Walker desires to share with you the tremendous love, value, and benefit to you personally when you enter into a “real” relationship with God.

The first book in the Perspectives Series, What Does God Want? is the true story of how God got Walker to start asking the right questions and how God helped him figure out what it was He wanted from him. 

Walker is an engaging, down-to-earth, and relatable person. He easily breaks down and communicates the perceived “rules, regulations and rituals” of a man-made God into a close, personal, loving, intimate “relationship” with the one true God. God does not have to be complicated; God does not want to be complicated, let’s keep our relationship with Him simple. Like Jesus said: “Love God, Love others!”

Walker, a U.S. Marine Veteran and lives in Bend, Oregon, is passionate about helping you find out, what does God want, and then live a life that honors and glorifies God and enjoys Him forever!

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