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What Does God Want?

Encouragement to Fall in Love with a Mighty God

Perspectives - Book 1: What Does God Want?

What would you do if God purposely, maliciously destroyed your hopes, your dreams, for your family? How would you respond? What would you do if God gave you not one, but two sons, both born with mixed-cerebral palsy? Again, how would you respond? As if that wasn't bad enough, what if God ignored your pleas for answers? And then proceeded to ignore your demands for answers? How would that make you feel? Would you "feel" like God loves you then?

To help you understand the magnitude of this event so you can see that this was NOT some random coincidence, or bad luck that Author Walker James was unfortunate to experience. The odds of having one child born with mixed-cerebral palsy is about 9-million to one, as it is not normally a birth defect. Thus, the odds of having two consecutive children both born with the same exact condition would be 9-million squared. Now, hang in there for a second, 9-million squared is 8.1 to the 13th power, or 8.1 with 13 zeros behind it, or 810-trillion to one. You see, with odds like that, God is not innocent here. He did this on purpose. Why?

To make sure that I would pay attention to the lesson He was teaching me. You see, when God sets your life on fire with difficult challenges, it is easy to question God's love for you and what you might have done to deserve the struggle. Sometimes, you need to take a step back and change your perspective on what God is allowing to happen and the true reason He has decided you are the one for the job.

In What Does God Want?, Walker James recounts his 12-year battle with God that accomplished very little. Walker did however learn what his problem was, he didn't know God. Obviously, if a God of love would put this much effort into destroying Walker's hopes and dreams for a family, then this purposeful destruction must also be, for love. With an event of this magnitude, God must also want you to pay attention as well?

God wants to use Walker's story to encourage you to fall in love with Him! "Why God?" and "What does God want?" are questions that we find ourselves wrestling with over and over throughout our lives, and the answer is ultimately quite simple, but sometimes hard to accept. Wanting what God wants, cooperating with God, and partnering with God, aren't always easy things to do. When you leverage Walker's story, What Does God Want? will help you understand that investing time and effort in getting to know God better is by far the greatest investment in yourself you could ever possibly make.

Doubt God exists? Don't know Him? Are you mad at Him like Walker was? Do you sort-of know God? Are you head-over-heels in love with God? No matter where you currently are with God, come and get to know Him better, more personally. Your level of intimacy, friendship, partnership, cooperation and love for God are all under your control.

Wanting what God wants is a choice only you can make.